Do you have an Accident Insurance Policy?

Many people who have an accident insurance policy probably don’t give much thought to it unless a claim needs to be made against it. The problem with many of these policies is that they are hard to understand and exclusions within the policy can effectively make the policy worthless. A family in North Vancouver discovered this when they tried to claim on their policy after their daughter suffered a serious eye injury. The insurer initially refused to pay out anything but $8.40 for the mileage related to travel to the hospital. However, after a public backlash the insurer did an about-face and a settlement agreement was reached. The full story can be read here.

If you have an accident insurance policy read it carefully to ensure it has the protection you need it to have. If you are being denied a claim against your policy you can go public but you will be giving up your privacy. Alternatively, you could see an insurance lawyer who can review your policy carefully and determine if the claim is covered. Claims that should be covered can then be settled through negotiation, or as a last resort through court action, on your behalf.

All potential claims are subject to a limitation period, usually two years from the date of the loss but some shorter time periods may apply. If you have already made a claim but have been denied, the time period to file an appeal may be as little as 30 days.

Do you have an accident insurance policy coverage concern or claim? Call us for help!