Civil Litigation

At Bajpai Law Corporation we understand that civil litigation matters can be costly to pursue and time consuming.  Our goal is to simplify the process, shorten the time to reach a resolution and reduce your costs.  When we handle your litigation file we strive to negotiate a resolution to your problem rather than resorting to the court process.  However, if a negotiated settlement is not possible, we are always ready to fight for you at trial.

Our civil litigation practice encompasses several areas of law such as:

  • Corporate litigation, including partnership and shareholder disputes.
  • Commercial litigation, including lease and contract disputes.
  • Employment litigation, including constructive dismissal, wrongful termination and severance issues.
  • Estate litigation, including executor challenges and wills variation actions.
  • Real Estate litigation, including partition and sale of property, failure to disclose, and property line and encroachment issues.
  • Defamation (Slander and Liable) Actions.
  • Intellectual property litigation, including copyright disputes.
  • Insurance, including denial of disability insurance.

Practical, solutions-oriented advice that has your best interest in mind is what we offer.